Emmanuel, Contagiously Influencing One Life at a Time!

Welcome to the Emmanuel experience! Here at Emmanuel you will find the biblical teachings to be practical and applicable to help you through the week.

Our services include Saturday morning bible study for all age groups, praise and worship followed by the spoken word. We also invite you to join our Wednesday evening prayer and an interactive study of the Bible, the Christians blueprint for success in life here, and preparation for eternal life with God.

Emmanuel is a progressive church! We actively seek God through His word, through fellowship, and through positive social engagement. Emmanuel believes wholeheartedly in the gospel commission, which is to go, reach and teach the timeless words of life as found in the Bible.

At Emmanuel, our continual goal is to be the kind of church where there’s a focus on building strong families and individuals through relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer and compassionate care for those in need, a place YOU can call home!

We invite YOU to come and be a part of the Emmanuel experience!

Pastor Patrick Carter

Jason Abraham

First Elder

Gwendolyn Mapp

Church Clerk

Wegener Fisher

Adventurers/Pathfinder & Children's Ministries

Stephen Louison

Family Life Ministries & Men's Ministries

Rushlyn Ashmead

Personal Ministry & Women's Ministry

Melvin Mapp

Music Ministries & IT/Media

Dr. Clement Wilson

Community Services & Health Ministries

Donald Squires

Sabbath School & Stewardship

Owen Ming

Deacons, Deconess, Greeters, Ushers

Clyde Osbourne

Sabbath School & Stewardship
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